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This private homepage is mainly about amateur radio and homebrew electronics projects. The technical descriptions, white papers etc. focus on frequencies above 1GHz, as I find microwave electronics a lot more appealing than short wave stuff. But in the past I have done some QRP projects also that are published here.

And as on every good private homepage, you will also find information about myself, my other hobbies (running and photographing), my holidays and some fancy, non-amateur radio related projects. In the picture gallery you can find a selection of my private photo shots.

After 16 years of uptime (started at www.dl5neg.de), these pages urgently needed some refurbishment, so I decided to migrate from “hand crafted” to the WordPress content management system. The migration is not complete yet, so not all subpages are fully available yet in the new look-and-feel. If you miss something, feel free to visit the old-style pages in the mean while.

I appreciate your feedback. You are welcome to contact me at:

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